We Loan On Just About Anything

No matter the item, we will evaluate your belonging for a value, and then allow you the option to either pawn or sell it

We will give out loans backed by a huge number of items, including vehicles. The greater the demand for your item, the better the loan you can get!

Extremely quick and easy

We value your time and work fast to keep the process moving to help you get on your way with your cash

We offer a fast, convenient and confidential way to borrow money, through a short-term loan. Getting a loan or selling an item is a very simple process and typically takes less than 15 minutes or less.

We Do Auto Pawns

Platinum Pawn is one of the few pawnbrokers in the Tampa area to offer short term loans backed by your vehicle.

No matter what make, model, or year of your vehicle, you can get a great rate based on its current value.

We'll keep your vehicle in safe, secure storage while your loan comes to term. Our honest staff will give you loans based on mainstream estimators of vehicle value.

Get the money you need quickly and easily